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Thanks for visiting the Spotlight Series! We are so excited to have you here, and hope that you will help us spread the word on quality books published by small press publishers all across the blogiverse.

So, why are independent publishers worth your time? Because they publish great books that sadly, many people never read. They discover excellent new talent, have really eye-catching cover art, and publish authors across a huge variety of genres. But a small press has a small marketing department, and sometimes these books can be overlooked for big, flashy ones published by bigger publishing houses. That means that YOU could go through life never knowing a book that might be your literary soul mate.

That's where the Spotlight Series comes in! We bring the indies to you. On a rotating schedule, we will put the spotlight on a small press publisher that we feel deserves your attention. We'll let you know the publisher several weeks before the spotlight goes on so that you can browse the catalog and choose a book to read. Then, over a two-week period, all participating bloggers will post their reviews of books by that publisher and word will spread from there! This Spotlight Series page will serve as HQ- come here to link to your review, find out more information on the publisher, see author and publisher interviews, enter contests, win prizes and cavort with your indie-lovin' pals.

How cool would it be to find a gem of a book that you never would have known if you hadn't participated in the Spotlight Series? How great would it be to recommend a book to your reading buddy that s/he has never even heard of? How fabulous will you feel knowing that you are promoting independent businesses and supporting new authorial talent? So come join the fun!

NOTE:  Neither the Spotlight Series administrators nor the publishers will provide copies of books for participants to read.  The administrators created this series solely to bring attention to the small presses; they do not get any money for doing so.  The publishers don't get money to participate, either.  We hope that you will look into libraries, bookstores, online outlets and friends to participate in the Spotlight Series!  We strongly believe that the presses we promote publish excellent books, and they are well worth the hunt to find.  Please try your best to find one!  And all participants are eligible for contests and giveaways that will be hosted here, so you might win a book just for reading!


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