How does the Spotlight Series work?
The Spotlight Series puts the spotlight on small press publishers we feel deserves your attention. We'll let you know the publisher several weeks before the spotlight goes on so that you can browse their catalog and choose a book to read. Then, over a specified period of time, all participating bloggers will post reviews of their chosen books.  That's all!  Hopefully, word will spread from there!

I signed up to participate, when do I post my review? When sign ups are over, a Spotlight Series Administrator will email your blog tour date. You'll post your review on your blog on that date.

What information is provided on the Spotlight Series homepage?
This Spotlight Series page will serve as HQ- come here to link to your review, find out more information on the publisher, see author and publisher interviews, enter contests, win prizes and cavort with your indie-lovin' pals.

Will the publisher or the Spotlight Series provide a copy of the book I choose to review?
No, please obtain your own copy.  We try hard to make sure we pick publishers that are available at local bookstores, have online stores, or that you can find at the library.

Can I suggest a publisher for you to spotlight?By all means!  Please use the Contact tab to do so!


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